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"He Which Hath No Stomach To This Fight...Let Him Depart. His Passport Shall Be Made, And Crowns For Convoy Put Into His Purse. We Would Not Die In That Man's Company, Who Fears His Fellowship To Die With Us"...

Henry V


Assignments of Levi's-Barr's Battery

Jackson's Battalion, Light Artillery, Virginia State Line, Army of Northern Virginia...[December, 1862--March 31, 1863]

Artillery, Walker's Battalion, Thomas' North Carolina Legion.....[April 1-August, 1863]

Artillery, J.S. Williams' Cavalry Brigade, Breckinridge's Division ,Dept. of Western Virginia( Detached from the Thomas Legion for the East Tennessee Campaign)....[August--December, 1863]

Artillery, Breckinridge's Division, Dept. Of Western Virginia.....[October 31, 1863--April, 1864]

Artillery, A.E. Jackson's Cavalry Brigade, Bushrod Johnson's Division, Dept. of E. Tenn. ....[April 1-May 5, 1864]

Artillery, Gen. John Hunt Morgan's Cavalry Division, Dept. of Western Virginia.....[May 5-September 9, 1864]

Artillery, Dept. Of Western Virginia...[September, 1864]

Page's Artillery Battalion, Breckinridge's Division, Dept. Of Western Virginia....[October-December, 1864]

Stiles' Artillery Battalion(Chaffin's Bluff Defenses), Crutchfield's Artillery Brigade, G.W.C. Lee's Division, Army of Northern Virginia...[December, 1864--April, 1865]

Stiles' Artillery Battalion, Crutchfield's Brigade, G.W.C. Lee's Division, Ewell's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia....[April, 1865]

***( 1 section , detached from the battery , returned to serve with Thomas' Legion in Dec. 1864. This section was surrendered along with the Legion on May 10, 1865, by BGen. James G. Martin in command of Dept. of Western North Carolina and E. Tenn. )*** See note at bottom of page.


Engagements & Service

Strawberry Plains, Tennessee( 6/21/63)

Operations at Wytheville, Virginia(6/63-8/63 )-With the 21st Virginia Cavalry

Wytheville Crossroads, Virginia(First Action)(7/13/63)

Wytheville Crossroads, Virginia(2nd Action)(7/17/63)

East Tennessee Campaign(8/63-12/63)-With Brig. Gen. J.S. Williams' Cavalry Brigade

Skirmish in Hawkins County, Tennessee(8/1/63)

Bristol, Virginia-Tennessee(9/1/63)

Telford's Station, Tennessee(9/8/63)

Limestone, Tennessee(9/8/63)

Skirmish in East Tennessee (9/10/63)

Greeneville, Tennessee(9/11/63)

Rheatown, Tennessee(9/12/63)

Jonesboro, Tennessee(9/15/63)

Limestone, Tennessee(9/19/63)

Blountville, Tennessee(9/20/63)

Blountville, Tennessee(9/22/63)

Union Station-Zollicoffer(Now Bluff City), Tennessee(9/24/63)

Blountville, Tennessee(9/28/63)

Greeneville, Tennessee(10/2/63)

Blue Springs, Tennessee(10/5/63)

Blue Springs, Tennessee(10/10/63)

Henderson Mills, Tennessee(10/11/63)

Blountville, Tennessee(10/14/63)

Union Station-Zollicoffer, Tennessee(10/19/63)

Philadelphia, Tennessee(10-22-23/63)

Skirmish, Holston River, Tennessee(11/15/63)

Blain's Crossroads, Tennessee(12/5/63)

Morristown Road, Tennessee(12/10/63)

Operations along the Va.-Tenn. Railroad, SW Virginia and E. Tennessee(1/64-10/64)

Carter's Station, Tennessee(2/29/64)

Operations in E. Tenn.(4/1/64-4/29/64)With Brig. Gen. A.E. Jackson's Cavalry Brigade

Rheatown, Tennessee(4/16/64)

Bull's Gap Expedition, Tennessee(4/25-4/27/64)

Deavault’s Ford, Tennessee (4/25/64)

Carter’s Depot, Tennessee (4/26/64)

Watauga River Bridge, Tennessee(4/26/64)

Operations between Abingdon and Saltville, Virginia(5/23-8/17/64)

Saltville, Va. Skirmish(9/2/64)

Saltville, Virginia, 1st Battle(10/2/64)

Breckinridge's East Tennessee Expedition(11/64)

Bull's Gap, Tennessee(11/12-13/64)

Morristown Road, Tennessee(11/13/64)

Stoneman's Virginia-Tennessee Raid (December12-21, 1864)

Abingdon, Virginia(12/15/64)

Glade Springs, Virginia(12/15/64)

Saltville, Virginia, 2nd Battle(12/21/64)

Siege of Petersburg/Richmond, Va.(12/64-4/2/65)

Final Assault on the Petersburg/Richmond Line(4/2/65)

Fall of Richmond, Va.(4/3/65)

Appomattox Campaign(3/29/65-4/9/65)

Amelia Springs, Va., Skirmish(4/5/65)

Deatonsville, Va. Skirmish(4/6/65)

Lockett Farm, Va., Skirmish(4/6/65)

Harper's Farm, Va., Skirmish(4/6/65)

Hillsman's Farm, Va., Skirmish(4/6/65)

Sayler's Creek, Va.(4/6/65) (This is the last recorded action for Barr's Battery. No further record other than those of paroled prisoners of war is extant. )

Appomattox Court House, Virginia.(4/9/65)(?)

***The section of Levi's-Barr's Battery which returned to The Thomas Legion when Captain Barr and the rest of the battery went east to join General Lee, was engaged in several fights with Union forces and guerillas in the western North Carolina mountains, and east Tennessee before their surrender at Waynesville,N.C. on May 10,1865. A list if those engagements follows.***

Operations against Col. George W. Kirk's Union Partisans [April, 1865]

Indian Faithful, Soco Gap, Mill Creek, N.C.-- [April 17,1865]

A member of the Thomas Legion fired the last shots East of the Mississippi [May 9,1865]

Surrender at Waynesville,N.C. [May 10,1865]

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